an evening writing dirkjake borderline fluffy smut is an evening well spent

that’s what friends are for.

who can take the heroes,

and kill them without thought,

who can make a whole ‘nother world,

just to make sure they die a lot,

the hussie man can

this is a fidgey’s dad appreciation post

even though my dad doesn’t know i have a tumblr so he doesn’t read my tumblr and even though it isn’t father’s day or his birthday i just feel the need to talk about my dad. i’m having papa feelings.

my dad is somebody that goes out of his way to help other people. he’s somebody to talk to strangers and attempt to make their day better, whether it be when we’re waiting in line. he’s never really yelled at me other than in moments when i’m hysteric and he’s trying to calm me down. he’s been patient with me in those times.

anytime he has a surprise for me, he won’t tell me or give me what it is until i at least give him a hug. he constantly tells me how proud he is of me on a regular basis, and he’s always been concerned with my feelings or my spiritual aspects.

he always brags about what a good kid i am.

when both of my cars got wrecked, dad was the first one to look for another one and find the best deal for me. he was on the floor, taking time off to repair these used cars by hands, and in return only asks that i get him a starbucks coffee.

even though he’s a dork, i love my dad so much, and i think it’s only taken me 23 years to realize how much he means to me and how lucky i am to have him.

hussie just wants me to keep cosplaying his characters doesn’t he….


oh noooo

oh noooooooo

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adventure time with dirk and jake
fidge why do you make me feel things


do you ever just get into a really fluffy rp and you get all of these otp feelings and you feel like

i’m so excited for my cosplay date with kelsie on halloween.

we’re going to be too spooky fOR ALL OF YOU HOES.


what if they make a homestuck card game similar to magic or pokemon….

what if.

the way to my heart is through..

 paragraphs upon paragraphs of otp feelings.

kitty fell asleep on me and now i dont wanna move but…

man im hungry and i gotta pee.