snk au where everybody is a titan besides hange

yes but nothing is more tragic in life than when you keep dropping the different turret in the water.

 co-worker says i’m jealous at the other co-worker’s wife because he buys his wife lingerie and announces it to the world

i am literally baffled

sorry i am late for work i was distracted by an over affectionate cat: an autobiography by me

i’ve already decided i’m gonna cosplay GLaDOS y’all just watch me

i see you folks have been reblogging some of my windicuffs i reckon i ought to draw more jake/john eh

lmfao but seriously this is a respect issue here and not an identity/sexuality/race/religion/what the fuck ever issue like why can’t people just respect each other for how unique and diverse we all are liKE WHAT IS WRONG WITH Y’ALL.

if there is an issue go out and do something about it don’t just go around griping and bullying others holy shit.

no but see posts or asks that are telling a person of a certain group to go and die or kill themselves. that shit directed towards any group needs to stop. i don’t know why this concept is so hard for people to grasp regardless of anything. people are people— treat others as you would like to be treated.

like what the fuck is wrong with people the internet gets more disgusting everytime i look at it.

hey i just remembered that i have an instagram so i guess i’ll be updating that from now on.

i bought portal 2 for ps3 let’s see how this goes