I love your blog all the way from your homestuck posts to your selfies ^-^ (And this was my anon I was just too scared to put my name)
YOU’RE PRECIOUS. do not fear the fidgey.
haha EVEN the homestuck posts i’m so glad!!
gringoheartthrob whispered: *celebratory performance of the national anthem on kazoo*

everyone this is anya and she’s very important in my life.

gringoheartthrob whispered: i just thought it was important for people to know. your followers should also be jealous because i've touched ur butt. (a lot. ha.)

if you cosplay with me it’s kind of mandatory somebody’s butt gets touched.

the pact is sealed.

gringoheartthrob whispered: fidgey exists constantly in my mind with a black oil skidmark on her right buttock. it never goes away.

ah… yes…. i wouldn’t have wanted to leave my mark in your brain any other way …

the homestuck fandom will never forgive me


攘夷腕相撲 第一回戦
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Anonymous whispered: I love you fidgey (admiration speaking), Meaning: you are an absolute beauty and I love your posts.

gfjhgfjhs THANK YOU even tho my blog went from some weird homestuck blog to straight up sci-fi samurai and selfie blog i’m sorry about that ….